Technical support

We have a support team to support administrators, viewers and users


  • Telephone support for emergencies.

  • Ticket system for administrative support.

  • Support with remote access to your system.

  • Trainings

  • Upgrades without charge.

  • Permanent backup of all information.

To generate a support ticket:
Suppot ticket-01.jpg
To use remote support, it is necessary that you:
  • Download and install the TEAMVIEWER program. (Click on the icon TeamViewer).

  • Open TeamViewer.

  • During the support session, the technician can control your computer in full; as long as it is off the User Account Control. Otherwise, the assistance of the caller will be asked.

  • We call you to tell us the ID and PASSWORD.

  • It is recommended that the PC where the remote connection is established count with speakers and a microphone or, failing that, with a headband headset and microphone.

  • At the end of the support session, remember to close TEAMVIEWER to complete remote support.