Functions and Applications

1 - Situation

The system provides multiple features to organize your information.

Collecting and processing data in your company, factory or any given field task.

Data Collection System allows you to manage information in real time.

Examples of possible applications of our system:

Machinery Checklist

The system provides customizable controls as well as allowing for the protection of sensitive machinery through real time information gathering.

A good design checklist not only allows you to have all the necessary information of the state of the machinery, it also allows for the creation of a routine review control for each plant operator or task. The information generated by Data Collection System is available immediately for real time decision making with accurate data.

A world of information for your daily work. The Data Collection System allows you to conduct real time surveys among staff, customers, or suppliers.

Our tools empower you to improve the organization of your company as well as providing greater satisfaction in terms of products and services among customers. The Data Collection System provides fast, reliable, and effective information to improve the performance of your company or business.

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Risk prevention

Risk prevention is essential in any work situation, with Data Collection System you can empower your employees to become permanent observers, generate analysis routines for each risk, and set observation criteria that can be registered with our system.

Design an early warning system, load the data from mobile devices and analyze from a web application wherever you are, with safe and reliable information.