Features of our Data Collection System

Our innovative Data Collection System allows you to collect information in the field of intelligent OMR forms Scantron Corp., tablets or Smartphone according to your needs. Out system also allows taking pictures when the importance of the event so requires.


It has a simple and friendly presentation, it is easy to use and configure according to your need. The system is able to adapt to the specific needs of all users and all types of terrains.


We provide 24/7 technical assistance, maintenance, and hosting guaranteed.


Custom designed Data Reading applications are immediately available on your tablet, smartphone or printed forms (Forms in paper with technology Scantron Corp.)


Reading outputs are defined by the users which can be imported from plain text files to a multimedia presentation, through Excel spreadsheets, XML files, csv., etc ..


The access management is performed from the central console; users can be generated according to the needs of the company.


The system works on tablets or smart phones in both off line and online mode. The information is stored on the device until it is transmitted to the server, once on the web, it is available for use.